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Outside The Lines

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Funny thing happened the other night. Little A did not want to go to sleep so he pulled out a swatch in my Alabama Chanin stash and wanted me to show him how to stitch it. I started to stitch and then he continued.

What I realized in stitching the swatch was that the gratification came from stitching beside him (albeit at 9:30 p.m. on a school night but I digress) and not caring if he stitched on the lines or not.

Most of my work is more commercial than "artsy" meaning that it is more like a product in the Land of Nod catalogue than a handmade design. That means I quilt something that will look achievable and presentable for photography. It was nice caring more about the fact that we were stitching by hand and chatting about a difficult moment at school that day than hiding the knots or stitching on the line.

xo, LLDB


Let It Snow Globe Tutorial & Winner

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First, I have to announce the winner of the "A Flair For Fabric" blog hop. Forgive me for being late. A lot of personal stuff has taken over and I had been neglecting this task. 

The winner is:

CathyH 2 weeks ago 

I am really liking bright colors these days - and I seem to always use black somewhere in most quilts. Thanks for the giveaway!

Congratulations! Please send me your contact information and we'll get the fabric and book to you. 

I get a lot of requests for directions on how to make this ornament. Since I made it about four years ago, the details are somewhat vague but here goes. 

I bought cups, glitter, paint, sharpie,  glue, paintbrushes, card stock, spoons, plastic tub, Crayola Air-Dry Clay, and stickers for the top and ribbon.

I made noses ahead of time from the clay, painted them orange and added texture with black sharpie. Put them in ziploc to take along. Collected little twigs outside.

I cut circles with pinking shears slightly larger than cup by tracing the cup and cutting around outside of the cup.

I had a tub of glitter as one station with a parent or two. The kids (assume parent helper may do parts along the way so train them well) put a layer of glue along the inside of cup covering enough to be the backdrop (maybe a third or half). Sprinkle glue and shake off excess. Let dry. Remember less glue is better than a blob of glue.

At their desks, distribute enough of the paper clay stuff to make three balls for snowman. You may pinch off one ball each to make s, m, l and let them roll it around and stack into snowman.  You might want to do a trial run. Give enough for another ball. They will flatten this one to make a base. Put the snowman on top, add a candy cane (bought them in packs from Michael's). Don't forget to use sharpie to draw eyes.

Glue the base with snowman onto the card stock. Give them a pinch of polyester fiberfill for snow. Glue cup to cardboard. Hold in place. Attach the ribbon on top with a foam sticker. 



"A Flair For Fabric" Blog Hop

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I had always thought about putting a book together with the designs of my friends and this was the perfect time. Martingale & Co., Henry Glass & Co., and all of my fellow HG family were soon on board.  

It started when we were all sitting around waiting to re-book our flights because Hurricane Sandy was approaching the east coast. I got home safely but many others were affected by the storm. I felt that it was time to get people together to put a book together. The designers donated their designs, HG donated the fabric and Martingale published the book. Two years later, "A Flair For Fabric" was published. Royalties go toward the Red Cross.

It has been a crazy, busy but fulfilling experience. The book is much more than what I could have imagined and I am thankful to all who have been part of the process.

I am known for my fun, bright and whimsical designs. My design tip? Don't be afraid to use lots of different colors in one quilt. You can calm it down by using a black biinding as I did for my pillow "Close To My Heart" or a specially chosen fabric for a border as I did in my "Wrap It Up" project. The pink print unified the business of the quilt.

There are many beautiful projects in the book. Can you see where the designers have used a border or binding to tie the design together?

Today, I will be on the "American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast" with Pat Sloan. Make sure that you listen in today at 4 p.m. EST by linking here.

Make sure that you read some of my old posts on my old blog for some holiday fun.

I am giving away a bundle of my friend Leanne Anderson's fabric. Let me know what your favorite colors are when choosing fabrics for quilts. You have until Friday, November 28, 2014 at midnight to answer. One winner will be randomly chosen to win this lovely bundle of fabric! Good luck! NOTE: I forgot to mention that we are giving away an e-book copy of "A Flair For Fabric."




"A Flair For Fabric" Book Hop

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Suddenly I have my crafty mojo back. I have been swamped with background non-creative work and life. I have to keep telling myself that life happens but taking care of my creative soul should come first because the rest will fall in place easily. 

I brought the boys to a meeting that I had in the city during the teacher's convention week. They helped fold fabric in exchange for a visit to their favorite haunts like Kinokuniya Bookstore, Muji, Nintendo world, and yes, they even like my crafty destinations like Anthropologie and Purl Soho. I think that I would compare it to me going to the hardware store to find something to use in my crafty endeavors. They love looking at the little pins and cool scissors. At Anthropologie we found this lovely bundle of wool. What were we going to do with it? Little A bought a book on making fun pompom characters. We thought that the first thing we could make would be fun pompoms. We'll add some more pompoms. What do you think? Very fun garland, right?

It was a fun and quick thing to make. So what was distracting me from all of the easy fun stuff? Finishing this book, "A Flair For Fabric" and planning promotions for it took up a better part of my last few months. Today is the first day of the book tour. Along the way you will find out about the projects, get some great tips and perhaps win some fabric or books. Join the fun. Martingale is first up and my fellow Henry Glass designers and special guest, American Patchwork and Quilting take over from there. Join us won't you?

Mark your calendar for next Monday. I will be on APQ Radio to talk about the book too. Details to come.

"A Flair For Fabric" - Published by Martingale & Co.

"A Flair For Fabric" - Published by Martingale & Co.

Tuesday, November 18: Launch at Martingale’s Stitch This! blog 

Wednesday, November 19: Dana Brooks 

Thursday, November 20: Leanne Anderson 

Friday, November 21: 

Saturday, November 22: Janet Nesbitt 

Monday, November 24: Linda Lum DeBono

Tuesday, November 25: Anni Downs 

Wednesday, November 26: Kim Diehl 

Friday, November 28: Jill Finley (

Saturday, November 29: Amy Hamberlin 

Monday, December 1: Margo Languedoc 

Tuesday, December 2: Little Quilts 

Wednesday, December 3: Lizzie B Cre8ive 

Thursday, December 4: Heather Mulder Peterson 

Friday, December 5: Jacquelynne Steves 

Saturday, December 6: Wrap up at the Henry Glass blog 

See you soon!


Inspiration Under One Roof

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A Flair For Fabric. Compiled by Linda Lum DeBono. Published by Martingale & Co.

A Flair For Fabric. Compiled by Linda Lum DeBono. Published by Martingale & Co.

I have been back from Houston for a week now and have finally recovered. The weeks leading up to the show were CRAZY and the people who were riding along were either equally stressed or wondering what just flew by them. Apologies to both parties!

A few weeks before Quilt Market my friend Jill Finley became ill and had to cancel her plans to exhibit at Quilt Market. Unfortunately, she also designs the Henry Glass booth but no worries though since Jill and I work on the general booth planning ideas together [I help guide but she truly does the design of the booth] I was able to put in a plan of action. I have to thank all of the HG crew for working on putting the booth together. Everyone from HG President Larry R. to HG crew, Karen and Harriet to designers and friends like Dana Brooks, Leanne Anderson, Mary Jane Carey, Mary Ellen Von Holt and Muriel from the Little Quilts shop in Marietta, GA. pitched in. Special thanks to Daryl Brooks and Ed Anderson for doing all of the hard labor! You guys were awesome!

Martingale Schoolhouse for "A Flair For Fabric"

Martingale Schoolhouse for "A Flair For Fabric"

On top of that frenzy, there was a lot of prep work for the new  book, "A Flair For Fabric" that I compiled and is published by Martingale. Thank you to Mary Burns for your effort, energy, and dedication to your job. There were book plates, post cards, and a million other things to put together and minor glitches to work around but girlfriend you are awesome! I think that I will have to make up some new thing so that Mary and I can continue to e-mail and chat. 

"Close To My Heart" designed and made by Linda Lum DeBono

"Close To My Heart" designed and made by Linda Lum DeBono

Part of the promotional process included filming for Brewer Distributors. Orion Burns was a pro and Marketing Director April L. was so nice to stand in the filming with me. I am a good speaker when it I am talking to one or two people and not being filmed. This is another case.

Here I am in front of the the display in the Martingale booth!

We had a great book signing. I think that I had a few people worried because I told them that we were having an audition like on "American Idol." 

L to R: Dana Brooks, me, Mary Ellen Von Holt, Janet Nesbitt, and Leanne Anderson.

L to R: Dana Brooks, me, Mary Ellen Von Holt, Janet Nesbitt, and Leanne Anderson.

Now it's time to your local quilt shop and buy the book! Be back with more market photos soon.


A Special Delivery

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It's here! After a long production time, an advanced copy of  "A Flair For Fabric" arrived at my doorstep yesterday. Here is a lovely shot of the cover with a note from Jennifer Keltner, Chief Visionary Officer over at Martingale & Co. 

More on the book in the next while as I gear up for Quilt Market later this month.

xo, lldb

A Flair For Fabric

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The designers at Henry Glass are stoked! "A Flair For Fabric" is a wonderful collaboration and I am so excited for its release this fall! More details to come! Check out the Henry Glass blog for more images.


A New Book

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The secret is out and I can only show you the sneakiest of sneaky peeks. I compiled this book of designs from my sister Henry Glass designers.

It all started with an idea that I had in my brain for the longest time. I wanted to compile a book of designs from my talented designer friends. Fast forward a couple of years, Hurricane Sandy was going to hit the East coast. As I sat in Houston trying to keep an eye on the storm and my flight updates, the conversation shifted and the HG crew talked very briefly about doing a book.

I got the last flight out of Houston the next day before all flights were cancelled. My family survived the storm and we were the lucky ones. Many others did not fare so well.

That's when the book idea came together. All of the Henry Glass designers contributed a design and proceeds from the book will help the Red Cross. Martingale will donate some proceeds as well. I can't wait for you to see the book. Look for it this fall. We are looking forward to showing it off in Houston.

xo, lldb



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Cinderella is my very favorite fairy tale. I even dressed up as Cinderella one Halloween. When I saw this tape I had to have it.

A while back I had posted this guide to make a case for my scissors. (Click here for the guide.) Of course the boys and I had to have an afternoon of making Duct Tape cases.

- lldb


Wasabi Hot

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Oh yes. Hot, hot, hot. Mac and cheese is every kids' favorite. I let the kids prep the food while I am sitting there working. They love it because they feel like they are in control even though I am at arm's length looking on. Yum.


Finding Balance

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School's out and I balance my work with spending time with the boys. I can work both independently or work together with them. Planning is everything. We have some fun things on our summer bucket list and we are going to share them with you. We hope that our simple ideas will inspire you to try something fun for yourselves this summer.

One of the first things that we did was download a music composition app. There are many different ones but we used Symphony Pro. Little A worked on composing a new song this afternoon. It will be fun to hear the end result.



Oh Where Oh Where Could She Be?

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I have had a post sitting and waiting to be edited for a long time. It hasn't been published because it is too long to be edited on my iPhone. Boo!

I've been to Denver to tape "Sew It All" tv, Quilt Market for Pittsburgh, and NYC for Surtex. Will catch you up soon!



Pretend It's #tbt

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I am making it #tbt today. It has been that kind of week and I wanted to post this yesterday. As you know, life happens all at the same time. Deadlines, crises, and just everyday running around always come at the same time. All's good though. I thrive on it even if it makes me tired. Then I look at this sweet face and all the crankiness just melts away.

This week I will be flying to Golden, Colorado to film an episode of "Sew It All" tv with Ellen March. It''ll be fun. The sample is finished and it is darling. Too bad I can't give you a sneak peek. Boo!

I have a big editing job to do this week too. See? It rains, it pours. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

xoxo, lldb