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For The Thrill Of It

Linda Lum DeBonoComment

The Process

When I start a new project, it often takes me a really long time before the project takes off. I have certain mental requirements when the idea is brewing in my brain. If you've ever heard me talk at a guild, you know that my ideas sit up there in that noggin of mine until it is ready to be hatched. Books are written in my mind before it gets written down on paper. This new website went through the same developmental process. It is still going through the channels towards becoming an inspiring place where one can come and visit. 

I have had this same website on the same host site for a decade but it needed to evolve.  I had asked myself what I wanted to achieve. The answers are still formulating but one thing that I want to do is re-freshI often find that just designing quilts has been a very limiting thing for me. After all, I designed handmade greeting cards way before Hallmark added to their mass-produced lines. By making changes, I have opened the channels. There are more things to do, to make, to create and to accomplish.

I think that "juggling" is a word that can best describe what I've been through for the past year. What got me committed to seeing this project through was a comment from my good friend from high school last month. He told me that was how he kept up with me and my business. Oops. 

Where does one start?  For the good part of the last few years, I have gone through the questions that one has when she's at a crossroad. The design business in the old sense didn't thrill me anymore and my husband started commuting to another state and to country each week.

I am enjoying my original roots of designing purely because I want to and because I enjoy it. Books, fabric and other work are still the main part of the business though I'm not sure how everything else will evolve. That's the true thrill of it don't you think?

 x, lldb