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Let It Snow Globe Tutorial & Winner

Linda Lum DeBonoComment

First, I have to announce the winner of the "A Flair For Fabric" blog hop. Forgive me for being late. A lot of personal stuff has taken over and I had been neglecting this task. 

The winner is:

CathyH 2 weeks ago 

I am really liking bright colors these days - and I seem to always use black somewhere in most quilts. Thanks for the giveaway!

Congratulations! Please send me your contact information and we'll get the fabric and book to you. 

I get a lot of requests for directions on how to make this ornament. Since I made it about four years ago, the details are somewhat vague but here goes. 

I bought cups, glitter, paint, sharpie,  glue, paintbrushes, card stock, spoons, plastic tub, Crayola Air-Dry Clay, and stickers for the top and ribbon.

I made noses ahead of time from the clay, painted them orange and added texture with black sharpie. Put them in ziploc to take along. Collected little twigs outside.

I cut circles with pinking shears slightly larger than cup by tracing the cup and cutting around outside of the cup.

I had a tub of glitter as one station with a parent or two. The kids (assume parent helper may do parts along the way so train them well) put a layer of glue along the inside of cup covering enough to be the backdrop (maybe a third or half). Sprinkle glue and shake off excess. Let dry. Remember less glue is better than a blob of glue.

At their desks, distribute enough of the paper clay stuff to make three balls for snowman. You may pinch off one ball each to make s, m, l and let them roll it around and stack into snowman.  You might want to do a trial run. Give enough for another ball. They will flatten this one to make a base. Put the snowman on top, add a candy cane (bought them in packs from Michael's). Don't forget to use sharpie to draw eyes.

Glue the base with snowman onto the card stock. Give them a pinch of polyester fiberfill for snow. Glue cup to cardboard. Hold in place. Attach the ribbon on top with a foam sticker.