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Full Circle

Linda Lum DeBonoComment
[From left to right: David Lisker, Bela Horvath, Philip Edward Fisher and Jeanne Gerard.]

[From left to right: David Lisker, Bela Horvath, Philip Edward Fisher and Jeanne Gerard.]

Do you ever have those days where inspiration hits you and come together in the most unexpected ways? I do. I have them all of the time. It's my creative process. I can be in the middle of something like cooking and suddenly an entire book idea just hits me like a brick wall. 

This time though my source of inspiration came in the form of some amazing musical talent at a fundraiser event in NYC. Adam's former violin teacher, the virtuoso violinist Bela Horvath invited us to a fundraiser event at the Baryshnikov Arts Center/The DiMenna Center on Friday. Violinist David Lisker, a protege of Itzhak Perlman and Pinchas Zukerman, celebrated pianist Philip Fisher and the beautiful and talented soprano Jeanne Gerard were also performing. It was a glorious night.

I came home and "wrote" two books in my head. Adam got up and practiced his violin and Alex practiced on his piano with a few added flourishes to his playing as inspired by one Philip Edward Fisher!

This story though is not just about inspiration but also about giving. Bela Horvath taught Adam for several years and then he relocated to NYC to concentrate on his performing. During the time that he spent with Adam, Bela would give my son math problems to keep him engaged and focused on the class if there was a moment of distraction. A gifted teacher is one who knows how to reach the potential of all of his students.

Fast forward to Friday night. This fundraiser event benefited a new summer festival, the 2014 Saint Andrew Music Festival, in his home country of Hungary. This has been Bela's dream for a long time. These world-renowned musicians will be performing and there will be performances, joint performances and masterclasses at the event. Bela's dream is to give back and to inspire many young musicians. As Bela said that night, "it has come full circle and my dream is finally coming true.'

To me this is the most authentic way to fuel your creative soul. Thank you to the performers for the wonderful night but most of all, thank you Bela, for sharing your dream.

xo, lldb