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Pretend It's #tbt

Linda Lum DeBono1 Comment

I am making it #tbt today. It has been that kind of week and I wanted to post this yesterday. As you know, life happens all at the same time. Deadlines, crises, and just everyday running around always come at the same time. All's good though. I thrive on it even if it makes me tired. Then I look at this sweet face and all the crankiness just melts away.

This week I will be flying to Golden, Colorado to film an episode of "Sew It All" tv with Ellen March. It''ll be fun. The sample is finished and it is darling. Too bad I can't give you a sneak peek. Boo!

I have a big editing job to do this week too. See? It rains, it pours. 

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter.

xoxo, lldb