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Alex & Shirley

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Wow. I wrote this post on October 16, 2017. It was sitting in my drafts folder. It still holds true as it does for today March 12, 2018 plus a bit of updating. As I was taking photographs this weekend I thought about the right time to introduce the new venture, Alex & Shirley. I couldn't wait. 


Be bold.

Be kind.

Be true.


For Alex's 8th grade graduation video, I put in some words of wisdom. Later, I started a new idea pod with a thought to share Alex's love for fashion and fun. Don't worry, Adam is there but he is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy. He designed the logo and he has been helping with the photography and graphics. 

How did it all start? Last year while I was working on a new book I wasn't sure that I wanted to put it out for the world to see. It sat there all beautiful and fun but I felt that at that moment I lacked the heart to bring it to market. Also, most of my time and energy was being driven to help my boys with school. They say that parental commitment lessons as our children get older. I have to say that the opposite is true. There are just different things to keep on top of.  

I continued to do other projects but things took a turn this past spring. My girlfriend Roopa and I started talking about our boys' future and about us being left after they headed away to school. I had been thinking about setting up a kids' brand for a long time and that came up in the conversation. I wanted to be a fashion designer and architect from the age of seven but I went down different paths. Years later I wanted to do a design book about boys but it was rejected . Fast forward to now, the ideas really seamed less crazy in that conversation and we started talking about what we could do. Our husbands are totally supportive and they know that there's no stopping us. Deep down though, I think that they want to retire. LOL.

In the past few months and weeks we have taken more steps to making the products a real thing. I dissolved my old business and my accountant registered a new entity for me. The Alex & Shirley brand is my new reality but I will still be designing quilts and such.  It is so scary but so very exciting. I firmly believe that life should be parts of both. Roopa and I have collaborated for the past year and a half. She has been sourcing fabric and things for me during her travels while I've learned how to design and make tech packs. Pre-production for the first Alex & Shirley product is in progress. OMG!

Linen and cotton swatches.

Linen and cotton swatches.

Roopa and I know that this new venture will keep us super busy! If it doesn't, we know that we tried. I believe that trying is always better than wondering what if.

xo, LLDB