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Outside The Lines

Linda Lum DeBonoComment

Funny thing happened the other night. Little A did not want to go to sleep so he pulled out a swatch in my Alabama Chanin stash and wanted me to show him how to stitch it. I started to stitch and then he continued.

What I realized in stitching the swatch was that the gratification came from stitching beside him (albeit at 9:30 p.m. on a school night but I digress) and not caring if he stitched on the lines or not.

Most of my work is more commercial than "artsy" meaning that it is more like a product in the Land of Nod catalogue than a handmade design. That means I quilt something that will look achievable and presentable for photography. It was nice caring more about the fact that we were stitching by hand and chatting about a difficult moment at school that day than hiding the knots or stitching on the line.

xo, LLDB