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Hey There, I'm Over Here

Linda Lum DeBono6 Comments

Funny thing, I think about this blog a lot. I even visualize changes that I plan to make. As you can see, Facebook and Instagram took over. It was easier especially since my life had been taken over by some design work for other people because the opportunities came up just then and some everyday surprises.

I had read somewhere that it was the end of blogging. Lately though I think that blogging has to make a return in some fashion. Do you still read blogs? I am sure that people do but perhaps not quite as many. I do love reading blogs like this one. She has a sweet way of writing. Perhaps it reminds me of the time that I spent raising my babies while trying to run a business. I miss authenticity and story telling. 

The past while it was about compiling and marketing A Flair For Fabric with all of the Henry Glass Fabrics designers. This year it is about helping Jaftex [parent company of Henry Glass, Studioe and Blank Quilting] celebrate its 85th anniversary! If you were anywhere near Bryant Park last Monday, you might have seen me climbing all over the place doing the photo shoot for a project to help Jaftex celebrate a milestone. I was wearing a dress (I hadn't planned on being that physical that day), I wasn't arrested and it all worked out really well. Ha!

Some opportunities for me have come up recently by chance.  I am excited to see if they lead somewhere new and fun. Fingers crossed. Meanwhile, I have a trunk show next week in Newtown, PA and more photography to follow this coming week. The big reveal is coming soon. 

xo, LLDB