Color rocks my world.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Linda Lum DeBonoComment

Can it be only a week before Christmas? Yikes. I have only worked on letting the winners know that they won the stuff from the blog hop in oh ... September. I know. Sad but true. I have barely been on my own social media for a while. Too much going on in the background. 

Hopefully I will get my butt in gear in January. It has been a year of health issues too and I finally have a handle on it. Thankfully not too serious. The one that I will talk about a bit are my allergies. Nickel and rubber. Think needles, running shoes and my steering wheel. On the plus side I can only wear expensive shoes, diamonds, platinum and 18K gold. I am working it all out and will get back to designing after the holidays. 

Meanwhile I worked on some digital work for Henry Glass. Check them out will you? Click here to get to the Henry Glass & Co. digital catalog page. Subscribe there to see the latest releases.

xo, LLDB