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The Jaftex 85th Anniversary Blog Hop is going strong and we're onto day 18. It is going so fast and I am constantly inspired by each post. Have you been entering the individual giveaways in addition to the really big one? Read all about it here.

Today I am feeling a little reflective. Normally my life is chaotic at best and generally I can find some balance but the mess of this and that caught up to me today. I think that a lot of things collided in the past week or so and I decided to step back, take a hard look and take control of everything. I am trying to find balance between taking care of my kids' needs, being a somewhat single parent because my husband commutes out of state, and running my business. There are a million of other more personal things too but with thinking it out, I believe that I have a grip on things and my perspective has taken shape. Call it a mid-week crisis. LOL

My balance is based on the fact that I am grateful for my boys. Big A does not care for me to talk much about him publicly and I respect that. Little A lets me get away with it a bit more but he sure is getting good at negotiating what does or does not go public. Although I have my own designing life, they inspire me daily. They challenge me daily. They love me unconditionally daily. They are a good part of who I am and have been my rock for they past 6 months. Both boys have been helpful through a few health issues with me this past year and they have been my little (big) helpers for this blog hop. 

Their sweet deeds do indeed bring things into perspective. I am thankful. 

Thank you boys. 

Love you the mostest.

xo, LLDB